Cerall ®

Cerall® is a biopesticide. The active ingredient in the product is the naturally occurring soil-dwelling bacterium Pseudomonas chlororaphis. All of the ingredients  in the Product have been carefully selected to ensure that the product is environmental friendly.

Cerall® has been developed so as to be specially adapted to bare seed such as wheat. Cerall® is being continually launched in country after country in cooperation with our distributors as the product becomes approved in the relevant area. Cerall® is effective against the seed-borne diseases common wheat bunt (Tilletia caries), wheat leaf spot (Septoria nodorum) and Fusarium (Fusarium spp.) in wheat.

Cerall® is:

  • Effective against the most commonly occurring seed-borne diseases in wheat.
  • Environmentally friendly because it contains naturally occurring bacteria and non toxic ingredients.
  • Approved for ecological production.
  • User and worker friendly as the handling of chemical substances and dust from chemically treated seed are avoided.
  • Not considered environmentally hazardous goods during transport.

Cerall® treated seed can be stored, transported and handled in the same manner as normal seed. Treatment with Cerall® does not affect treatment capacity. Cerall® can be used in most treatment equipment available on the market. In certain cases, the equipment must be adjusted in order to handle the product’s relatively high dosage. The recommended dosage is 10 liter/ton of seed. The product can be stored in unopened packaging at +4ºC to +8ºC for up to eight weeks after delivery. All packaging is marked with a best before date. Partial emptying of packages is not recommended.

Treated seed can be stored for up to one year. It is recommended that the seed health is analysed before treatment. Special attention should be given to seed germination. If the germination of the untreated seeds does not meet the requirements for certification, a test treatment and follow up analysis is recommended before the product is used.

Cerall® is currently approved for use in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, UK, and Austria. Thousands of tons of seed have been treated with Cerall® by Lantmännen. Cerall® will be sold in additional European countries as it is approved by the relevant authorities in each country.

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