Cedress ®

Cedress® is a biopesticide for use as a seed treatment in pea and carrot. The active ingredient in the product is the naturally occurring soil-dwelling bacterium Pseudomonas chlororaphis. The product also contains other ingredients, such as water, which allow it to function in practical applications. All of the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that the product is environmental friendly. Cedress® is currently approved for use in Sweden.

Cedress® is:
• Effective against the seed-borne diseases in pea caused by Ascohyta spp.
• Effective against Acrothecium infection in stored carrots.
• Environmentally-friendly because it contains naturally occurring bacteria and non toxic ingredients.
• Also accepted for use in ecological cultivation.
• User-friendly and working-environment conscious, as the handling of chemical substances and dust from chemically treated seed are avoided.
• Not considered environmentally hazardous goods during transport.


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